Free MIDI Pack for Hip Hop Producers

High-quality MIDI packs are powerful tools for modern music producers but there are few free midi packs that sound pro. That's why we've released a free midi pack specifically designed for hip hop producers creating trap, lofi, UK drill and more.

Like the premium MIDI packs on our site, this free pack will inspire your music and save you time. It also gives you a teaser of all our other MIDI kits, so you can see the quality for yourself. Pick up the Free MIDI Pack for Hip Producers.

Essential MIDI's free midi pack for hip hop producers.

I Don't Know Music Theory - How Will A MIDI Pack Help Me?

Join the club! We founded Essential MIDI to overcome the same creative hurdles with music theory. They're designed for people like us.

MIDI files are the building blocks of modern music production. Ours are made to keep you in your creative zone and focused on your strengths as a producer. By using them, you'll avoid the struggle with music theory and great amazing beats.

By using our MIDI kits, the goal is for you create unique, radio-ready songs, eliminate the music theory guesswork and speed up your workflow.

With this free midi pack you'll access professionally-crafted MIDI chord progressions and parts for different instruments like drums, 808s, synths, keys, melodies and more. Everything is royalty-free. Just drag and drop the files into your DAW to have a new track in no time.

What Can I Do With The MIDI Files?

Unlike sample packs and loop kits, MIDI files are versatile and can be customized in many different ways.

You can easily change the tempo, the notes within the scale or the scale entirely. You can also create new rhythms, add or subtract midi notes from your compositions and so much more.

What comes in the Free MIDI pack?

The free MIDI Pack gives you access to over 100 MIDI files that you can use to create your new musical recordings.

It is a great tool for composers and songwriters who are looking for inspiration and want to explore different musical styles. Use it as a starting point for your own compositions.

Free MIDI files for Trap Producers

Trap blends heavy 808 drums, stuttering hi-hats, layered synthesizers, deep bass lines and "spatial" samples. Creating some of these parts can be tedious and, often, the end result sounds different than the tracks by your favorite artists.

To help you create your best music, we've included a teaser of different midi files from our 'Chart Trap' and 'UK Drill' MIDI packs. In the free midi pack you'll get files for melodies, drums, hi hats, chord progressions, 808s and more.

Lofi Chord Progressions

Lofi music has a retro-modern sound and a nostalgic feeling using lush warm chord progressions, and jazz harmony.

If you're not a virtuoso piano player or skilled in music theory though, getting this sound in your productions can be a challenge.

To help you overcome this hurdle, we've included MIDI files from 'WARBLE' — our premium pack of lofi chord progressions and melodies. We've also included a few lofi midi files that you won't find in any of our other packs.

Our lofi chord progression packs are designed to help you create a chill and relaxed mood in your music.

Hip Hop MIDI Kits

Amazing drums are so important to creating to a memorable hip hop beat. The best drummers and beat programmers are able to capture a unique feel, touch and vibe to create a groove that moves listeners.

In our free kit, we've included 10 unique, boom bap drum grooves to help you achieve this.

Pick up Essential MIDI's 'Free MIDI Pack' here.

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