MIDI Chord Progressions - Minor Triads Pack

MIDI Chord Progressions - Minor Triads Pack

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Start new tracks instantly with 648 pre-made MIDI chord progressions for the minor scale. Be inspired by the new ideas while building a solid foundation for your next track. 

Create a moody, dark or edgy sound with these chord progressions for the minor scale. They'll work for any genre. 

The progressions in this pack will put you on the right path to creating pro-sounding tracks that stand out. With no theory required, we've removed all the guesswork so you can focus on the other elements of your productions. Just drag and drop the chord progressions into your DAW and start creating.

The MIDI files are all royalty-free and cleared for commercial use. The pack works in any DAW and all VSTs. It's compatible with both Mac and PC, available for immediate download and no installation is required. 

What's Inside The Pack?

54 triad chord progressions in the minor scale all 12 keys. 648 MIDI total files.