The Complete MIDI Chord Pack

Make your best music faster.


Create catchy, captivating MIDI chord progressions in minutes. 

No music theory or piano skills required. 

  • 4344 MIDI files in total

  • 180 basic piano MIDI chords - Major

  • 180 basic piano MIDI chords - Minor

  • 336 Seventh chords

  • 1224 Extended MIDI chords

  • 1008 Suspended MIDI chords

  • 648 Minor MIDI chord progressions

  • 768 Major MIDI chord progressions

wAnt To write unique, 

memorable chord progressions like the pros? 

Overcome beat block, write better music and focus your energy on the other elements of your tracks — like melody, production, sound design and mixing. 

Use the Complete MIDI Chord Pack to stay inspired, break through creative blocks and write music faster than you thought possible. Create your own chord progressions from the thousands of  MIDI chord files. Or start your next track instantly with one of the pre-made chord progressions.

Expand your Chord Vocabulary.

No Theory Required.

Fast-track years of learning music theory with chords at a click. 

Get 2880 MIDI Piano Chords and over 1400 MIDI Chord Progressions for infinite inspiration. All our MIDI files are labeled, numbered and organized across the 12 major and 12 minor keys for easy drag-and-drop music creation. 

The pack includes all the Major and Minor Triad Chords, Seventh Chords, Extended Chords, Suspended Chords and our Major + Minor Fundamental Chord Progressions. 

A Sound designer's dream.


We ❤️ MIDI. And why? Because - we're not classically trained composers or musicians. We're laptop producers making products for laptop producers. 

As sound designers, MIDI presents endless possibilities. A chord progression that works with jazz can easily be flipped into a new style of trap. Maybe you'll take that Moombahton beat into a new direction with a synthesized homage to your favorite pop punk chord progression?  Weird, but cool! For wherever your creativity takes you, the Complete MIDI Pack has got you covered.

Drag-N-Drop Music Creation.



Choose either the Major or Minor folder and then one of the 12 Key folders within. Chords in the Major folder will sound sound bright and uplifting while Minor will sound moody, emotional or edgy.


Inside the Key Folder, open one of the Chords Folders or the Chord Progressions folder and choose from the files within. From C to B, each Key Folder has the building blocks for infinite inspiration.


Drag-n-drop the files into your DAW. Start with a pre-made progression or experiment with different chords to create your own. Mix and match - you'll have something new in minutes.

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One Complete Offering.


What's Inside The Complete MIDI Chord Pack?

4296 total MIDI files

180 Major chords & scales

180 Minor chords and scales

336 Seventh MIDI chords

1224 Extended MIDI chords

1008 Suspended MIDI chords

648 Minor MIDI chord progressions

768 Major MIDI chord progressions

Does the MIDI Pack work with any DAW? Is it compatible with my VSTs?

The Complete MIDI Chord Pack works with all DAWs and VSTs and is compatible with both Mac and PC. We've listed a few of the most popular DAW and VST companies below. If you ever run into an issue with the pack, connect with our support team -

DAW Compatibility: FL Studio, Ableton, Garage Band, Logic Pro, Pro Tools, Studio One, Reason, Reaper, Bitwig, Cubase, Cakewalk, Mixcraft  + More

VST Compatibility: Output, Lethal Audio, Spectrasonics, Xfer, Native Instruments, Arturia, Reveal Sound, u-he, reFX, Synapse Audio, Vengeance Sound, Adam Szabo, East West, Spitfire, Roland Cloud, Propellerhead + More

Are all the files in the MIDI Pack royalty-free?

Yes they are! All the files are 100% royalty-free. 

Whether you're making music for your yourself, your label, publisher or legions of fans - the master recordings you make with the MIDI pack, you own, 100%. No royalties paid to anyone but you. 

NOTE: What you cannot do is buy any of our MIDI packs and/or files to resell them as your own pack. We'll get you for that ;) 

What type of music can I make with the MIDI Pack?

The Complete MIDI Chord Pack has all the creative building blocks to make chord progressions and melodies in any genre. 

Start creating in your favorite genres, experiment with new ones or make up your own. The MIDI Pack is ready to go wherever your creativity takes you.

Will you ship me the MIDI Pack? Or is it a digital download?

After completing your purchase of the MIDI pack, a page will load with a digital download of the .zip folder.  You can download your purchase from this confirmation page or from the confirmation email that we send to the email address you used at checkout. We don't physically ship any of the packs but may have physical products coming soon. 

Help, I need customer support! How can I reach you?

Take a deep breath, everything's going to be alright. We've got your back and will fix whatever might be wrong with the product. 

Please email us at with your order confirmation number and a description of the issue. We'll respond within 24-48 hours. 

At Essential MIDI, we love and use our products everyday.

If you don't love your purchase, return it.

Drag-n-Drop Music Creation